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Please be sure to arrive without any eye make-up, and your lashes freshly cleansed.  If you have time (and are able to do so), it also helps to avoid wearing mascara 24 hours prior to your appointment.  
It is also a good idea to avoid caffeine or any type of stimulants 5 hours prior to your appointment - due to involuntary eye movements - which will make isolating lashes more challenging.     

Our goal is to have your lashes look FULL and BEAUTIFUL!

We strive to have our appointment end with you receiving 160-100 lashes/eye within our appointment time.

However, we may experience more shedding some times than others.  Possible factors could be:

  • Travel (Airlines are notorious for dry air – which could dry out our bond)
  • New Medications  (The chemistry in our bodies change, and could cause our hair to change too)
  • Excessive Exercise/perspiration (This could erode the lash bond due to sebaceous (oil) and sudoriferous (sweat) staying on the bond too long) We do have a solution!  Our Protective Coating helps).
  • Hormones/Monthly Cycle (Due to chemistry, we could loose more frequently during “that time” Also, if we are low in Estrogen or Progesterone, this could also affect our retention.
  • General seasonal shedding.  Happens 2-3 times/year.  Typically lasts about 4-6 weeks.
  • General cleaning.  Be gentle when washing our lashes.  They are bonded, but they are delicate.

Based on the data we’ve collected, we’ve created a typical Range of Retention.  Please keep in mind we naturally shed 3-5 lashes per day.  Depending on our individual factors, you may retain amazingly or you may shed more frequently. 

Range of Retention based on 100 lashes per eye: 

2 weeks average retention range:  60-100 lashes per eye.

3 weeks average retention range:  40-59 lashes per eye.

4 weeks average retention range:  20-39 lashes per eye.

Less than 19 lashes per eye, please allow us time to apply a full set.

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